Friday, April 20, 2018

Cross Dyke Road near Ripponden

A very muddy and overgrown path with Eleanor and Gerald on cutting back duties,

 As the day went on the weather improved and so did the path!

................meanwhile Bernard, Ken and Peter were dealing with the drainage problem,

Water had spread out everywhere



We put in a ditch by the wall and found the original drain

We also found a damaged turnbye which was excavated and restored

After this we cleared
a riverside path at Blackshaw Clough

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


A half-day session due to the meeting in the afternoon.

Richard and Gerald worked on drainage issues on a couple of paths in Nutclough, Hebden Bridge.

Fred and Paul put in some more steps on the path at the bottom of Oakville Road, Charlestown.

Frank H and Graham repaired a stile and resurrected two sagging finger posts in Cragg Vale.

'Old man, old man
Sitting on a stile
How do you know which way to go
And why is it you smile?'
(The Traveller:- Raymond Wilson 1987)
Actually we were two (youngish) old men repairing a stile and we knew exactly which way to go because of the finger post. We were smiling because it was a sunny day and (for once) the task was straightforward.

Repaired stile.

Frank praying for a JCB!.

No JCB available! . . .  so it has to be the heavy bar.

The signpost (slightly truncated) now firmly in place.

More of the same (with even more truncation!) for a damaged sign further along the road.

Dick bagged up the slats for the Bell House boardwalks

Rich, Bernard and Stuart surveyed a possible re-route of the riverside path in Cragg Vale. Whilst the survey was being written up, Stuart decided to clear the path down to Cragg Spa.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Four teams today

Mick C and Richard J surveyed and waymarked paths from Todmorden Golf Club to Shore Road.

Gerald and Rich scraped a path in Hebden Bridge and cut up lots of pegs for steps.

Frank S and Bernard (later joined by the other four) scraped a path from the back of Mytholmroyd to Cragg Road. A well used woodland path that had become very wet under foot.

The whole path was like this

And like this
  Frank S and Peter also removed a tree across the lower path (just above a steep drop into the river). We were all hoping they had done a risk assessment!

Tree down across the path

Cut and removed

A video of the Olympic sychronised scraping team in action

Part of the path all scraped and grips put in to take off the water

Meanwhile Ken and Nigel put in a marker post at Lower Shaw Booth, Wainstalls.

Hole prepared for post

Private yard where walkers have ended up in the absence of suitable waymarking

New post with bridleway signs

Post with signs (straight on or right) should solve any future problems for walkers (and residents)

A few extra shots of the path down to Royd Ices scraped and tree removed.

Amazing what you find under mulch

Tree crossing the path dealt with

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Frank H and Stuart worked on the middle section of the Widdop Gate path.

'You can see just beneath the surface of the mud,
There's more mud here.
( Anything At All: Crosby, Stills and Nash, 1977)
Despite the  Hardcastle Crags streamside being muddy, damp, chilly and veiled in mist, Stuart and Frank pitched into mud-scraping, turnbye excavation, boulder alignment and path widening; the sort of tasks that kept you very warm . . . until you stopped!
Unfortunately pictures turned out to be of the bland, mud-grey, featureless, monochrome variety! However, here we go:-
This path area looks quite dry. That's not surprising because the picture was taken on a survey in Jun 2017!
The area is usually very boggy indeed . . . and those stones are a curious feature.
April 2018. Here's the boggy bit (see what we meant by monochrome!)
and some excavation of the stones has started. Is it a turnbye?

Yes it is a turnbye! And (believe it or not) the path is now not only
mud and slurry free, but also firm underfoot.

Further upstream a second turnbye is cleared. It was well built, being stone-edged and stone-lined, but packed with dry sediment and therefore didn't seem to be doing much in the way of drainage!

A good quality stone turnbye being revealed . . . but it might be in the wrong place!

Onwards up the valley to do some widening and boulder moving to make the direction of the path more obvious.

Awkward narrow path. Just out of shot (by the spade) it is almost blocked by a massive boulder.

After lots of 'grunt work' the path is wider and the boulder no longer a problem . . . although the hernias might be!

Widening the path:- work in progress.

Overall a decent day's work but not really done justice by the pictures!

Stella and Fred did the next stage on the path at Oakville Road, Charlestown.

Graham, Bernard, Steve and Rich worked on Cross Dykes Road at Lighthazles (above Ripponden).

Bridleway was very overgrown with brambles and overhanging branches.

Old signpost.

Cleaned up.

Overgrown path.

Starting to look better.

Bernard with his trusty Trident.

Bottom third of the path much improved.

Higher up the path there are serious drainage problems.

Discovered a couple of turnby drains buried under grass and silt.

Doesn't look pretty but should begin to take some of the water off the path.

 We managed to cut back about a third of the lane so will have to go back. We also have a bit of a plan to deal with the drainage issues.

Friday, April 6, 2018


3 work parties today:

Eleanor, Rich and Stuart cleared an overgrown path from the A58 to Bar Lane.

lots of overhanging trees

Scrub and brambles blocking the path

There's an awful lot of brambles to clear

Bottom bit clear of brambles

looks good

Conifers all cut back

Middle section of path cleared

Top bit clear too

Lynda, Steve & Ruth cut back a path at Krumlin.

The path before we started
Looks pretty different after having been cut back
Bernard and Ken sorted an awkward stile, also at Krumlin.

Not easy to get over and not easy to fix

That should work!

Later all 5 moved to a second very overgrown path in Krumlin.

Difficult to squeeze through
All cut back